Hello, I’m Seiya

3D/2D, Hard Surface Modelling & Sculpting

Results-driven sales professional with 6 years of experience in digital 2D and 3D art. Proven ability to pitch, negotiate deals, and maintain client relationships. Adept at leveraging strong communication and entrepreneurial skills to drive sales and deliver high-quality work for both private and commercial projects. Seeking to utilize artistic talents and sales expertise in a dynamic and growth-oriented environment.

About Me

I have worked in the Videogame industry in the Indie scene for 2 years, with 6 years of overall experience as a mix of industry & university learned skills.

I’ve have mainly designed 3D model miniatures for TTRPG’s  (table top roleplaying games) via commission, along with multiple other commissions in the vein of 2D concept art to 3D animation previsualisations.

I have provided the concept and final design for a menu for a highly rated resturant London called Tokoton Ramen.

I have designed the concept and scope for several experimental Japanese VR game projects.

I have published a game to steam under the name SNS.

I have been the team lead for a 13 person Indie team.

Project Leader

I have been a lead on several successful Indie game projects, notably leading a team of 12 people I assisted in creating a vertical slice for a game called Frogwater.

Concept Art

my skills involve the whole artistic pipeline, from initial conception of an idea to the final product. 


I’m always interested in learning new procedures and pipelines I can apply to my own work, so far I have developed a large background of experience in multiple softwares.

Problem Solving

Since I work with many different softwares, I have developed a sense for problem solving, there’s not one right answer when it comes to art, even more so with the breth of available tools out there.

Featured Work

Project 1

Brand Resesign

Project 2

Website Design

Project 3

Mobile App IA

Project 4

Branding Design